Affiliate Program: Freedom Frenzy

Training for Business Owners and Affiliate Marketeers

Freedom Frenzy


Freedom Frenzy is a training and Affiliate Marketing site aimed at Business Owners, Online Marketeers and those wanting to earn money at the same time as learning how to build an online business

You can join for free – then check things out before upgrading. Entry price is just $35 then upwards from there.

Most people start at the $35 or $100 pro level.

For pragmatic purposes (avoiding credit cards and bank transfers), payments are made in and out via crypto currency. To understand this better, I recommend that potential investors watch the videos on this page.

Features & Key points *

  1. Can begin with a free account
  2. Great and simple compensation scheme
  3. No monthly fees.
  4. Useful courses to help you run an online business
  5. Open and professional ‘team’ culture
  6. Easy access to the founders and leaders
  7. Great support – if needed.

*Note that some comments on this page are my personal views and opinions based on my own usage of the product.

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