Affiliate Program: Easy1Up

My review of the Easy1Up program, video overview, plus how to sign up for FREE!


Easy1Up is all about empowering entrepreneurs how to 1up their competition by continuing to learn and develop new strategies. So what they have done is put together five different courses that are already making an impact for people around the world.

On this page and on my videos, I cover the Easy 1 Up Compensation Plan and Review the program.

The courses were updated and greatly expanded in October 2018. (I cover some of this in my detailed video review).  The training courses offer many hours of training to keep you up to date on some of the latest trends in the market. Also on this page you will find both visual instructions on how to register plus a video walk through the same process.

Features & Key points *

  1. Can begin with a free account
  2. Start at just $30
  3. Five levels of Courses:
    1. Elevation Basic
    2. Elevation Elite
    3. Vertex
    4. Vertex Elite
    5. Vertex Pro Connect
  4. No Monthly Fees
  5. Great and simple compensation scheme
  6. Secure and Mature business
  7. Training modules
  8. Open and professional culture
  9. Get Paid directly by your referral into your own bank account.
  10. Supported by 18 year old USA Corp.

*Note that some comments on this page are my personal views and opinions based on my own usage of the product.

Video Introduction to Easy1Up


Make 100% of your product payment back on your first referral!!

The Easy1Up system (sometimes shortened to E1U) and Mastermind Training make it easy for every team member generate leads & get sales within their first week. The Mastermind Training can be valuable to you regardless of the Affiliate Marketing opportunities.

Important: Please Read:

Easy1Up claims that Top Earners are even making over $2,000 per day. These claims are according to Easy1Up – and (whilst I do believe that this is correct), the numbers have not been verified by me. They are no guarantee of your future earnings – which could be more or less, depending on your own effort, abilities and success.

Here is a video guide through the basics of Easy1Up – including the compensation, plus the joining and setup process thereafter.

This video is intended to help people understand what Easy1Up is all about, plus how to earn money as an affiliate marketeer for Easy1Up. 

It takes you through the steps to register and set-up your account within Easy1Up.

Here is my in depth video review of Easy1Up – including: The compensation Structure. The training courses plus company ownership.

This video is my review of Easy1Up for people who have yet to decide to join Easy1Up  – or are confused or wondering what it’s all about.

I review the different levels of the program, their associated training course plus the Easy1Up compensation structure.

Below, I show you the simple registration steps – including how to sign up for FREE!

Assuming that you responded to a sponsored link, you will most likely have entered Easy1Up via a page similar to the above. You should then receive an email to confirm your email address – as below…

However, there is apparently a problem with email addresses. If you have an alternative email address, I encourage you to use it!

If you haven’t been sent a link, or your registration failed or went missing somewhere, then you can still register by clicking here: Join (This takes you straight to the full registration page).

This next pic, is only for people that have lost their confirmation email – or want to start afresh. If so,  just go to: and register there. (See below).

You must enter a sponsors username, so please enter: mikebray

After logging in, you should get to the page below

Once you are logged in, navigate to the News section to listen to theGetting Started’ call by CEO and Founder Peter Wolfing

By this stage, you should have watched the videos to understand how the membership works. i.e. That the Admin Fee goes to Easy1Up and the actual payment goes directly to the Affiliate Marketeer. In this case, you will see my page below. 

That’s it! You’re up and running – and now part of the team. 

Next step is for us to chat – so I can open up the other goodies and training for you to become successful in the quickest time possible! (However, if you would rather just work on your own – without help, you are of course welcome to do so).


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