Affiliate Program: Easy Sketch Pro

Doodle like video software


Here’s the claim from the developers:

“THE #1 Doodle Software Allows You To Create Amazing and NEW Interactive Sketch Videos, SkyRocket Engagement And Boost Sales by 337% for ANY Business”

I have no reason to doubt the above – but neither to I have any evidence that such a claim is correct – or will work for you!

Features & Key points *

  1. Easy Sketch Pro allows you to create ‘doodle’ like slides for use in video making or other applications.
  2. It’s Simple to use – and can be used with photo’s and (the first frame of a ) video! Some others can’t do this.
  3. Easy Sketch Pro includes prebuilt cartoon characters and royalty free audio tracks.

*Note that some comments on this page are my personal views and opinions based on my own usage of the product.